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Supply Chain and Materials Management

Our Supply Chain Management Services coordinate the material support functions through efficient prosecution, global procurement database, and strategic supplier relationships to offer in-depth material analysis, flexible supply chain strategies, personal service, and aggressive world class material cost.

Megatone Advantages:
  • Forecasts every component to assure availability
  • Analyzes Bill of Materials (BOM) and production documentation to ensure component uniformity and data integrity
  • Recommends alternative components to reduce cost while maintaining product quality
  • Provides expertise and purchasing power through extensive global supplier relationships to reduce overall material cost
  • Performs continuous supplier development and assessment to ensure supplier stability, delivery capabilities, and compliance
  • Implements comprehensive documentation system to provide a range of traceability from simple to complex:
  • Batch / Serial Number
  • Brand
  • Country of origin
  • Every part by supplier
  • Lot Specific
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